About Places & Traces

We are a non-profit civil law company active in the fields of educational, cultural and social innovation. We introduce interdisciplinary practices highlighting place identity. We initiate national and international synergies aiming to reinforce communities by expanding awareness of urban, natural and cultural contexts.


We design and implement projects that promote educational, cultural and social innovation and civic engagement, emphasising youth participation and intercultural awareness.


We deploy a variety of learning and storytelling practices to highlight contemporary place identity and reformulate local narratives with a cross-disciplinary approach.


We collaborate with educultural institutions, local authorities, networks and organisations in Greece and abroad to exchange knowledge and co-develop activities with a positive social imprint.

Our activities

Place-conscious learning

Place-conscious learning

We create learning paths inspired by local contexts, incorporating creative expression workshops, digital learning activities, citizen science projects, oral history techniques and more.

Educultural innovation

Educultural innovation

We initiate integrated educultural experiences encompassing interdisciplinary storytelling techniques to promote place identity and community growth.



We support organisations and individuals through the planning and implementation of socially-responsible activities. We take care of the generation and management of all related content.

Target groups

Educators at all levels

Youth workers and related organisations

Students of all ages

Young people

The larger communities, especially multicultural and remote ones

Vulnerable social groups, including migrants and people with disabilities

Social and educultural stakeholders

Civil society networks and organisations

Our address

Thanos village, Myrina, Limnos, 81400

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